SS17 \ Pingala

The collection is called Pingala, depicting a change from negativity to happiness. It’s a yogic term, which means active state.

AW16 \ Mumuksha

The collection is called Mumuksha, starting with American Photographer taking   Tokyo as a reference point. The Term Mumuksha is for the one who is curious for the ultimate knowledge.

SS15 \ In the mood for love

The collection In the mood of love is the allusion from a song called 'We all might be dead by tomorrow' by a french singer and songwriter called SOKO.

AW14 \ 'V'

Titled “V” (vendetta) Autumn winter 14 is inspired from Word Sound Power's Blood Earth project which is a New Delhi based collective that constructs multimedia collaborations with South Asian artists on issues of social justice.


Gaurav’s Spring Summer 14 collection drew visual references from the religious habit (dress) at 'Missionary of Charity' order and portrait of an old women by Hans Hambling (1470-75)

AW 13 \ Framed But Changed

Autumn Winter 2013 is Inspired from American director Godfrey Reggio’s1982 experimental documentary film called “KOYAANISSQATSI” which in Hopi lang...

AW11 \ "1 : 1.6 "

Autumn Winter 2011 is based on Grecian concept of Divine Proportion which is defined as the golden ratio of 1: 1.6.. The collection visually explor...

SS11 \ 21 burns

Spring Summer 2011 is Inspired from Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu’s 2003 emotional drama called “21 GRAMS” which refers to a parapsy...